7 Best Cardinal Bird Feeder Reviews | Best Feeder for Cardinals of 2023

7 Best Cardinal Bird Feeder Reviews | Best Feeder for Cardinals of 2023
February 24, 2019 Mamun
Best Cardinal Bird Feeder Reviews

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Cardinals are favourites for so many birdwatchers. North Americans describe them as the funniest birds. Others worldwide love their beauty. For you to attract them, you need to start with the best cardinal bird feeders. Fill them with birdseed and wait to listen to cheerful chirping all day. Cardinal bird feeders come in various designs. The purchase process might be hectic if you don’t know how to choose the best.

This buyer’s guide and review covers:

  • The best cardinal birdhouses
  • How we select the best bird feeder for cardinals
  • Tips on how to choose the best cardinal birdhouse plans
  • A little bit about the bird’s habits
  • A few customer reviews
  • More FAQs on cardinals and cardinal bird feeders


Product Name

Technical Features


1. Perky-Pet

  • Zinc-plated finish
  • 2.5lbs feed capacity
  • All-metal design

2. Brome

  • 5.1 pounds
  • RoxResin treatment
  • 18’’ clearance

3. Nature’s Hangout

  • 4 cups capacity
  • 100% acrylic
  • Six suction cups

4. Droll Yankees

  • 15.2 pounds
  • 10’’ diameter

5. Kingsyard

  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Six ports
  • 1lbs feed capacity
  • 6’’ S-hook

6. Go Simply Amazing

  • 4 cups feed capacity
  • Anti-yellowing technology
  • Acrylic material

7. Ankway

  • 12 months warranty
  • Three suction cups
  • Acrylic material
  • Three trays

1. Perky-Pet

Perky-Pet designs this hanging bird feeder with a circular perch. The surface upwards is from mesh to increase the surface area for feeding. For enhancement of weather tolerance, the finish is zinc-plated. The cardinal bird food capacity for this feeder is 2.5lbs. It has a broad overhang to offer shelter for the birds against hot sun and rains.

2. Brome

Bome assures a lifetime warranty on this sunflower bird feeder in case of any defects in material or function. There is a free ring in the package. It is for attracting Northern Cardinals. The squirrel buster bird feeder has a durable construction. As you hang it, there is an 18’’ clearance on all sides. There is a RoxResin treatment on the feeder for it to be chew-proof, making it the best feeder for cardinals.

3. Nature’s Hangout

Acrylic is a stylish material for function and aesthetics. You will love how transparent it is to see the level of seeds. Also, it is easy to spot dirt and clean it. It comes with sturdy industrial type suction cups to allow attachment to glass windows. You can use three cups and have the rest as spares. The best bird feeders have a removable tray for quick refills. There are mould-free drainage holes to prevent rainwater from sitting in the birdseed.

4. Droll Yankees

Droll Yankees manufactures a bird feeder that attracts cardinals and other beautiful birds. The distance between the feeder tray and the dome is fully adjustable. It is one of the squirrel resistant bird feeders with the 10’’ dome. Has hanging rods for suspending the cardinal bird feeder to ensure you can monitor cardinal nesting habits.

5. Kingsyard

We love the sturdiness of this cardinal feeder. It comes with a 6’’ S-hook for suspending the feeder and is among the creative cardinal birdhouse plans. An all-metal construction guarantees functionality and durability. It has six ports to offer more feeding spaces for birds. The feeder holds about 1lbs of bird seeds. It comes with a 100 money-back guarantee in case you are dissatisfied with the product.

6. Go Simply Amazing

The manufacturer ensures that the bird feeder maintains its aesthetics. It uses an anti-yellowing treatment on the acrylic for durability. Its smaller holes are to counter the growth of mould on the seeds. The seed tray easily slides in and out to allow easy refills. It boasts a capacity of four cups. The transparent acrylic material makes it easy to spot dirt and the level of birdseed.

7. Ankway

High-grade suction cups hold the acrylic cardinal feeder to your windows without the risk of falling on the ground. The feeder trays allow for an easy refill process with no mess.

This is the best bird feeder for cardinals backed by a 12 months product warranty in case of any defects in material or function. If you feel like attracting other birds, you can have different seeds in the trays to achieve this.

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Cardinal Bird Feeders

How We Picked 7 Best Cardinal Bird Feeders

We know that these cardinal bird feeders can pose a challenge to choose, especially with the flooded market. Ours wasn’t hectic as we had a research process to follow. Below are a few of aspects put into consideration.

  • Weather resistance and tolerance of the cardinal birdhouse
  • Squirrel and pest protection
  • Mould and germination prevention
  • The ease of refilling and maintenance
  • Different cardinal birdhouse plans and materials

Tips before You Purchase

  • Material: Cardinal bird feeders come in different materials. There are such feeders from natural wood, high-grade ABS plastic, all-metal, or acrylic. The prices will differ depending on the type of material the manufacturer uses. The best bird feeder for cardinals from weather-resistant materials.
  • Capacity: You have first to decide how many birds you’d want to attract. If few, you can choose a bird feeder with a small size. Larger ones will be for more birds.
  • Choice of Seeds: Not all cardinal bird feeders accommodate all types of seeds. Some are strictly for suet cakes, while others are versatile.
  • Ease of Use: This will cover tool-free handling, easy washing, and maintenance, quick and less messy refilling sessions.

Do Cardinals Migrate?

No, cardinals are territorial birds. They remain in eastern and Central America.

How to Attract Cardinals

Purchase good quality cardinal bird feeders. Keep stocking the best squirrel proof bird feeders with peanuts, suet, safflower, or sunflower seeds and mealworms. These sunflower bird feeder designs are available on Amazon.

Where do Cardinals Live?

Cardinals live in the central and eastern parts of America. Since these birds are territorial, they don’t migrate.

When do Cardinals Lay Eggs?

Cardinals lay eggs between March and September. This is also their breeding period. They lay about two to five eggs only as part of their cardinal nesting habits.

What do Baby Cardinals Eat?

Baby cardinals feed on mealworms, smaller seeds, and berries as their cardinal bird food. They, however, don’t drink water until they are old enough. You can offer these in squirrel resistant bird feeders.

What do Cardinals like to Eat?

Northern Cardinals have safflower and black oil sunflower seeds as their favourites. Other large seeds that they feed on are peanut pieces, cracked corn, apple chunks, fresh berries, and suet crumbles.

Are Cardinals Territorial?

The male cardinals are the most territorial. They stick to being monogamous throughout their lives. Males feed females during this time.

How long do Cardinal Birds Live?

Averagely, cardinal birds leave for 3.5 years. Some domesticated live for about 12 to 16 years. The oldest one has lived for 28.5 years.


Cardinals are proving to be a source of entertainment for many bird lovers. We recommend purchasing the best cardinal bird feeders to attract more of them. Amazon has a plethora of these products from various manufacturers. Pick any design that appeals to you and promises functionality and durability. To authenticate this, check on the customer reviews.


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