15 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews | Best Electric Fireplace Brands of 2023

15 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews | Best Electric Fireplace Brands of 2023
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Best Electric Fireplace Reviews

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There are numerous electric fireplaces in the market, and you may be spoilt for choice. As the cold season approaches, these are some of the investments to make. Electric fireplaces are eco-friendly, reliable, and use less energy. Their operation is straightforward. Anyone hoping to warm their living or entertainment rooms can choose from the ones we have below.

This guide covers:

  • The 15 best electric fireplaces
  • Some wall mount fireplaces
  • A few outdoor fireplaces
  • Outdoor and Indoor fireplaces
  • FAQs on the best fireplaces
  • A few customer reviews on various fireplaces

Product Name

Technical Features


1. Ameriwood Home

  • Up to 55’’ TV
  • Laminated MDF
  • 74.7 pounds item weight

2. Duraflame

  • 12.5 Amp
  • 120 Volts
  • 3D IR flames

3. PuraFlame

  • Ultra HD LEDs
  • Four settings
  • 110V outlet


  • ETL-approved
  • 12 flames
  • 750 and 1500 watts

5. Homedex

  • Nine flame colours
  • Remote control
  • 62 to 82F temperatures

6. Touchstone

  • Five sensitivity settings
  • Two heat settings
  • Glass crystal
  • Faux firelog

7. Northwest

  • 58 pounds
  • LED technology
  • Two heat settings

8. XtremepowerUS

  • 5 min waiting time
  • Three flame colours
  • ETL, CSA, and UL approved
  • 400square feet


  • 60 to 82 degrees F
  • 750 to 1500W
  • Three flame modes


  • 110 V input voltage
  • CSA approved
  • 400 square feet
  • 1400W

11. Comfort Smart

  • 400 Sq. Ft. coverage
  • 55’’ max TV size


  • Nine colour modes
  • Five flame speeds
  • 750 to 1500W
  • 62-82 F temperature range

13. Maxhonor

  • CETL-approved
  • 120V AC
  • 5 Brightness levels
  • Nine flame colours

14. Valuxhome

  • 750-1500 watts
  • 120V
  • Three colour combinations
  • 400 Sq. Ft.

15. Classic Flame

  • 125 flame effects
  • 1000 Sq. Ft.
  • 3D flames

1. Ameriwood Home

A blend in functionality and aesthetics is what this fireplace TV stand seeks to achieve. The electric fireplace tv stand plugs into a 120V standard outlet and has two open shelves for proper air circulation. Its material is laminated MDF with a white finish. Flame and heat settings are changeable. TV support is up to 55’. Check it on the Amazon electric fireplace selection.

Ameriwood Home Parsons Electric Fireplace TV Stand

2. Duraflame

Duraflame manufactures this black electric fireplace with 3D IR capabilities. The heating surface area is up to 1,000 square feet with the help of the 5200BTU heater. The 3D flame makes it a fake electric fireplace that is fully functional. Humidity control is with the help of the IR quartz. If you are looking for electric fireplaces for sale, pick this one.

Duraflame 3D IR Electric Fireplace

3. PuraFlame

The manufacturer only recommends an installation that is in-wall recessed for full functionality. You need to plug in the 110V outlet of the electric fireplace heater and have your space with enough heat. The LED lights are ultra-HD to give a realistic appearance. There are four flame settings to allow you to make changes at your convenience.

PuraFlame Alice 40’’ Recessed Electric Fireplace


W redesigns this electric fireplace with a remote control and touch screen capabilities. It has 12 flames and LED colour modes. The consumptions are 750 and 1500W to ensure maximum energy saving abilities. It is ETL-approved for comfort and safety. There is a 1-year warranty on the product.

RW Flame 50’’ Recessed and Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

5. Homedex

The 36’’black fireplace is an aesthetical and functional product. It comes with touch screen capabilities for smoother operations. There are two settings for heat regulation. The heating coverage goes up to 400 square feet. Temperatures range between 62’’ H to 82’’ H. The lights are ultra-HD.

Homedex 36’’ Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

6. Touchstone

An ability to change the heat settings from high to low is superb. This electric fireplace has five other settings to give the flames a realistic look as it lights. Operations are via remote control. You have to separately by batteries. It is an in-wall fireplace.

Touchstone 80006 Forte In-walled Electric Fireplace

7. Northwest

Heat settings of this fireplace range between 750W and 1500W to allow for adjustability. It uses LED technology to power the flames into producing heat and various colours. The fireplace can heat spaces of up to 400 square feet. There is a satisfaction guarantee on the fireplace.

Northwest Electric Fireplace

8. XtremepowerUS

XtremepowerUS is a legitimate company and ensures that this fireplace is safe for use. It has CSA, UL, and ETL approvals. You need to plug it into the 120V standard household outlet. It is a slim linear design with three colour modes to alter or mix at will. The waiting time is five minutes.

XtremepowerUS Allure linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace


There are no limitations on where to install this fireplace in your house or office. The heating varies from 750W and 1500W. This will depend on the external temperatures. For you to boost the heat, the temperatures are adjustable between 60 and 82 degrees F. It comes with an automatic timer. The three different flame colours allow you to experience function and aesthetics.

YODOLLA 28.5’’ electric fireplace


The white electric heater heats a space of 400 square feet with its 4777 BTU heater. It is superb for warming up any room. It is a modern electric fireplace. Flames are controllable with the remote control. Its thermostat is automatic to monitor the temperatures for safety.

Belleze 3D IR Electric Fireplace

11. Comfort Smart

The two-tone rustic cottage design of this fireplace gives your interior space a facelift. It comes with cabinets that are barn door inspired. It can handle TVs of up to 55’’ and 45lbs. The large electric fireplace uses LED flames to light and heat a space. The coverage is 400 Sq. Ft.

Comfort Smart Killian Electric Fireplace TV stand


The MAXXPRIME fireplace is versatile and comes in a 3-in-1 design. It can stand freely, be mounted on a wall, or in the wall. Heat settings range between 750 and 1500W for maximum energy efficiency. The thermostat control of the portable electric fireplace regulates heat between 62 F and 82 F with five different flame speeds and nine colours. Operations are via remote control or touch screen. It is one of the cheap electric fireplaces.

MAXXPRIME 50’’ Electric Fireplace Free Standing Fireplace

13. Maxhonor

The Maxhonor fireplace uses 100% LED energy-saving technology with nine colour options. You can choose to leave it free-standing or recess mount it. The timer setting is between 1 and 8H and provides heat until 400 Sq. Ft. It is CETL approved for safety.

Maxhonor Electric Fireplace

14. Valuxhome

The unit comes complete and ready for installation. Heat distribution is within 400 square feet thanks to the 5100 BTUS. It uses 120 volts and comes with a 6ft cable. The three colour combination of the electric wall fireplace gives excellent aesthetics. Its timer works between 1 and 8H with heating levels between 750 and 1500W.

Valuxhome 36’’ Electric Fireplace Heater

15. Classic Flame

The 5200 BTU heater allows for heating a space of 1000 Sq. Ft. This results in wide coverage allowing more areas to have heat. It comes with a 3D flame effect to allow for lighting and heat production. There are 12 flame effect options that you can select from at will. Flames are operational without or with heat.

Classic Flame 33’’ 3D IR Electric Fireplace

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Electric Fireplace

How We Picked 15 Best Electric Fireplaces

Our finding session was hectic this time. There are so many manufacturers of electric fireplaces, and all of them seem to be producing these units to suit different needs. However, some of our pointing aspects to ensure we pick the best fireplaces were from the problems that they could solve. See below our selection directives:

  • Problems repairing some electric fireplaces
  • Old models consuming more electricity
  • Limitations in colour choices
  • No heating options or adjustments

How we tested Those Products

Our testing procedure was through purchasing several units of the electric fireplaces and distributing them to new consumers. They were to review these units after 12 months. Our testing aspects revolve around:

  • Ease of installation
  • Energy consumption
  • Durability
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Troubleshooting different areas

Out of all the units from our findings that were put to the test, only the 15 had higher ranks. We recommend any of the above units as they are the most realistic electric fireplaces.

Revolution of Electric Fireplace

The history of electric fireplaces began with the invention of an electrical fire in 1912. It gained popularity in the 1950s. Dimplex was the first company to introduce commercial electric fireplaces techniques like Optiflame in 1988. In 1995, the company had the first electric fireplace with an authentic wood-burning flames effect that looked like a realistic electric fireplace. Other manufacturers began advancing in this industry, producing different designs of electric fireplaces from big to small electric fireplaces.

Types of Fireplace

Fireplaces by fuel types

  • Wood-burning fireplaces
  • Ethanol fireplaces
  • Gel fireplaces
  • Electric fireplaces
  • Gas fireplaces

Fireplace Types by Mounting Options

  • Double-sided electric fireplace
  • Hanging
  • free standing electric fireplace
  • Tabletop fireplaces
  • Inbuilt fireplaces
  • Open hearth fireplaces
  • electric wall fireplace

What is an Electric Fireplace?

Electric fireplaces are units that use metallic coils to produce heat. While the coils produce the heat, the blower motor pushes warm air into the vicinity. There are electric fireplaces with mantels which are other designs that you can choose to have.

How do Electric Fireplaces Work?

Electric fireplaces work by using electrical energy to power the LED flames to light and produce heat. Different manufacturers will use various technologies to ensure that this process is without hindrance.

How to Turn on Electric Fireplace

You can use the remote control to switch on the fireplace. Some come with touchscreen capabilities that you can opt for at your convenience. Before doing this, ensure that the socket or extension where you plug in the cord is on before making adjustments.

Do Electric Fireplaces Give Off Heat?

Yes, electric fireplaces give off heat. The release is about 400 to 500BTU because they are zone heaters for small spaces.

How to Install Electric Fireplace

The installation process of an electric fireplace will depend on the design. There are free-standing electric fireplaces, wall mount, or wall recessed. You have to go by the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the unit.

Are Electric Fireplaces Safe?

These units don’t use real fire. So, don’t be afraid. The electric fireplaces are safe as they use LED or 3D technology to heat or illuminate a space. Some come fully certified by CSA, ETL, and UL.

How to Build a Frame for an Electric Fireplace Insert

Step 1: Design Identification

You need to select the best design that you find appealing and straightforward from electric fireplace ideas online. It should match the shape of your fireplace insert.

Step 2: Material Collection

Ensure to collect all material, tools, and equipment for cutting and assembling the frame. These will include nails, screws, cutters, wood, and others. Have the best electric fireplace insert.

Step 3: Frame Making and Assembling

Use a pattern to adjust your frame sizes before cutting. Wood electric fireplace frame designs are the easiest. The measurements should be correct to ensure that the inert fits in well without looking out of place. Proceed to assemble your frames into a stand until the design is complete. You can decide to make an electric fireplace with storage.

Where to Buy Electric Fireplace

You can purchase your electric fireplace directly from the manufacturer if you are a wholesaler or retailer. However, this has its constraints. The best place to buy these units is from Amazon.

How to Fix Flame on Electric Fireplace

Each manufacturer designs its electric fireplaces differently. You should follow the instructions on the user manual to ensure successful setting up of the flames of your fireplace.

How much does it Cost to Run an Electric Fireplace?

An electric fireplace doesn’t consume much, especially if it has energy-saving features. If running daily in the cold weather, this might cost you about $2 to $10 depending on the unit you have. Maintenance costs will vary.

How much electricity does an Electric Fireplace Use?

On average, an electric fireplace uses about 1500 watts. However, you can regulate this to 750 watts at low setting.

What is the Best Electric Fireplace?

The best electric fireplace will depend on your needs. It should serve your areas of choice effectively. Also, its additional features like controls, flame choice, and heat settings should match all your needs. We leave this to the consumer to decide.

Are Electric Fireplaces Worth it?

Fireplaces are a worthy purchase. Especially if you live in an area with very low temperatures, you will find them relevant for your space.


There is so much to learn about the best electric fireplaces from this article. New users who find these units helpful can start from the FAQ section to familiarize themselves with the basics of fireplaces. They can then proceed to the review section and select the fireplaces of their choice. There is a wide selection on Amazon from corner electric fireplaces to wall mount options.


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