20 Best Green Tea Review Brands 2023

20 Best Green Tea Review Brands 2023
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Best Green Tea Review Brands

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1. Jade Leaf Matcha

Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea is one of the safest to consume. The caffeine levels are between 25 and 35 mg per gram. The green tea shot is 100% organic and tests highly for purity. Microbes and chemicals are harmful. The company tests the tea to detect if it contains any of this. Its integrity is a surety making the tea safe for consumption. The life shelf is admirable at about 18 to 20 months. However, we advise that you start consuming as soon as you purchase a pack.

Jade Leaf Matcha Japanese Green Tea Powder

2. Taylors of Harrogate

A twist of mint in green tea extract makes it everything you need to refresh, and relieving the symptoms of a cold or cough. The pack of 6 has a count of 20 tea bags. The choice of tea is Chinese Sencha green tea with the highest grade of peppermint leaves. At a weight of 30 grams, it is easy to carry around, and the packaging is one of a kind.

3. Ito En

Japan has a history of some of the most excellent conditions for growing green tea. The Oi Cha hails from there and uses whole leaves to retain all its properties and green tea benefits. It has a natural taste, keeps you hydrating with each sip, and is the best green tea. You can take it in place of sodas. There are no calories, especially if you have sugar-free. It contains a high amount of antioxidants and vitamins to improve your immunity and some body processes. There are no additives in this tea, making it very pure.


As you head out for a workout, you need to pump in some energy. The non-carbonated melon and grapefruit tea is what you need to power you through your fitness journey. It is one of the healthiest drinks with 200mgs of green tea caffeine to give you the energy you need during and after working out. Neither are there any sugars, colors, artificial flavors, or preservatives that can alter this drink’s purity. The packaging is in a slim can of 12 oz.

5. Kiss Me Organics

Forget the Japanese ceremonial tea; this culinary tea will give you all the health benefits of green tea that you’d want from your diet. You can use it in your smoothies, pastries, Matcha green tea latte, and other drinks that need you to add it. It is in the purest form like Arizona green tea as it doesn’t contain any additives or sugars. With its authentic flavors, you get the most out of every cup. You can use it as an energy booster and a source of burn for natural calories. You can serve iced Matcha green tea latte if you want a twist.

6. Twinings

Keurig brewers are an accessible kitchen and office equipment. A good match will be these 24 K-cups of fresh-smelling and tasting green tea. The tea is of high-grade as the cultivation and packaging process follows all the rules. The tea is of the Sencha style from the Chinese and is famous for its mild and smoothness. It is a green tea fat burner for weight loss. As a pack of 1, it contains 24 K-cups, which can last you a few days before you restock.

7. Davidson’s

Davidson’s seeks certification for every pack of this blue sky pack to verify if it is organic. No doubt, besides its natural form, taste, and smell, it contains caffeine in the right amounts to help revitalize your body and keep you in lively spirits. It comes in a pack of 16 ounces, which is quite a reasonable amount for a moderate to heavy consumers. The manufacturer advises that you use it with the tea infuser for optimal results. However, you can go your way if you don’t have it. The packaging is incredible and comes in a Kraft SUP and aluminum foil in the inner side for preservation.

8. Eco Heed

Do you want anything for breakfast? The Matcha green powder is what you need to start your day with a power drink. Another one from Japan, the taste and flavor are at their best. As any other one would, this one contains caffeine to keep you going throughout the day and enjoy more Matcha green tea benefits. Eco is one of the manufacturers that values customer satisfaction and offers a money-back guarantee on this product. Check the green tea nutrition facts to confirm if you react to anything.

9. Matchaccino

Antioxidants are what you most benefit from this pure green tea. Matcha green tea powder is an excellent way to boost energy and keep you going about your day. The Starta improves your metabolism by 17% to help with weight loss. The quality is superb and, besides being a health booster, keeps you hydrated throughout. It is a culinary grade and comes with a distinct taste and smell. If you want decaffeinated green tea, you can check around for something mild.

10. Pure Leaf

Pure organic tea is what you need for a cup of iced green tea. The Pure leaf green tea comes in twelve bottles of 18.5 ounces. There are no calories and makes it the best green tea weight loss addition. As an unsweetened tea, it is wholesome and healthy for people of all ages and health conditions. If you are to sweeten it, add a little honey or maple syrup. Some love the green tea ice cream. The real tea leaves are responsible for the authentic taste. You can make this green tea with honey if you want something sweeter.

11. Yogi

Yogi tea has some of the benefits that you won’t get from other types of drinks. The Green blueberry contains Hibiscus, green teas, and sweet blueberry for an intense flavor. It balances your diet and is an excellent addition to your weight loss diet. Check the green tea fat burner reviews to verify if it will be excellent for your needs. USDA approves it for naturalness as it doesn’t contain any additives, preservatives, or GMOs. You can make your favorite green tea shot recipe.

12. Bigelow Tea Bag

Hot or iced green tea has a way of keeping you active throughout the day. The Bigelow is a delicate drink with minimal caffeine than oolong and black tea and helps distinguish black tea vs. green tea. Also, it has no gluten, fat, or sugar and allows you to enjoy each cup. For children, you can serve a green tea Kit Kat. Made in America, we are sure of product quality and control as all the 40 teabags are in the most natural form to allow you to enjoy green tea extract benefits.

Best Green Tea Review Brands-Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags

13. FGO

Jasmine has a way of lifting the taste of any drink you add to it.The organic tea comes in a pack with 20 teabags of green tea from China with a Jasmine scent. Kraft bags have an aluminum foil lining for proper storage to avoid the tea from losing its properties.  You can add ginger to make ginger green tea.

14. Teavana

The packaging wins as the container is reusable for storing other tea brands that come in sachets. You will love the lush tea as it has a dash of lemongrass, lemon verbena, and spearmint. The company uses premium tea green tea leaves and fruits to ensure that the flavor and scent are natural, intense, and wholesome. It comes with four packs containing 15 sachets of Teavana Jade Citrus Mint teabags and is an excellent green tea pregnancy drink for nausea.

Best Green Tea Brands Review-Teavana Jade Citrus Mint Green Tea

15. Lipton

Your palate is different from your partner’s. Lipton strives to please each with its choice of ingredients for this green tea. It is in its purest form to ensure that it doesn’t expose you to chemicals and preservatives. With no carbonations in it, the tea is soothing and healthy to add to whichever green tea diet you want. The manufacturer recommends that you use 165mgs of the tea flavonoids in every 8 fl oz. serving of tea. It doesn’t give adverse green tea side effects and is safe for health.

Lipton Green Tea

16. Harney & Sons

If you are keen, you notice that the Sencha style tea is common in this review. This one doesn’t go contrary as the taste is superb. The manufacturer uses premium quality green tea, which is light, delicate, and hand-picked during the spring. To avoid destroying its properties, steep the tea for 1 to 3 minutes. You can take it with milk, plain or with sugar for flavored green tea.

Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea

17. The Republic of Tea

Tea blends are everything if you want to have a classic cup of tea. The Kiwi Pear tea creates a great natural taste of green teas. So far, the green tea powder is popular as it boasts recognition on famous magazines and shows. The primary ingredient is China green tea, pear pieces, kiwi pieces, and other natural flavors. It is the perfect best green tea for weight loss.

The Republic of Tea Kiwi Pear Green Tea

18. Teas’ Tea

Many people are choosing to leave healthy by avoiding sugar. The iced teas come unsweetened in this case and is a good option for sodas and other carbonated drinks. The jasmine infusion is fragrant, and the tea has antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to the body. The organic green tea helps to build your immune system as it has no additives, preservatives, or GMO products. You can have it as a green tea detox in the morning and evening.

Teas’ Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea

19. Teabloom

A gift set containing teas makes you experiment with different flavors and tastes. The Teabloom has 12 tea blossoms with different flavors and scents to serve your palate as it deserves. These teas have catchy names with different ingredients. There is a money-back guarantee if you don’t find this tea helpful or something you could enjoy making it one of the best green tea brands.

Teabloom Flowering Tea

20. PureChimp

Japan again, the ceremonial grade Japanese green tea is authentic and has a taste and aroma of its kind. The tea grows naturally and doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives during packaging, making it safe for everyone. As it boosts your energy, it also improves your focus, mood, and memory. It has more EGCG that is 137 times more than any other tea and speeds up your metabolism.

PureChimp Matcha Green Tea

FAQ’s and Buying Guide of Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is one of the most nourishing drinks one can get hands on. Coming all the way from China the tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis, which determine the different varieties of green tea. The tea is one of the unique products for your weight loss diet. Unlike most tea products like the oolong tea and black tea, green tea does not undergo a different weathering and oxidation process.

Does Green Tea Have Caffeine?

Yes. Green tea contains various nutrient content, and this includes water and phytochemicals. Among the phytochemicals in green tea is caffeine, the other phytochemical is polyphenols. The caffeine contained in green tea enhances mental alertness.

How to Make Green Tea?

Green tea suits any occasion, especially if you have friends over this the best beverage to keep them refreshed and excited. But how does one make green tea? Making green tea is different from black tea. First, ensure you have all the requirements to make green tea. This includes Green tea leaves, a tea strainer, a cup, a cup of water and a stainless steel pot.


Step One: Take one teaspoon of green tea for each cup you intend to make. Five teaspoons for five cups.

Step Two: Take the tea leaves into a strainer and keep it aside.

Step Three: Boil water using the stainless steel pot, ensure its temperature ranges between 80 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. Ensure the water does not boil. For cases where the water boils allow it to cool for some minutes to attain the correct temperature.

Step Four: Place a sieve over the mag

Step Five: Pour the hots water into the mag and allow the tea to dissolve for 4 minutes. Ensure you attain the correct amount of tea concentration because everyone doesn’t like strong tea.

Step Six: Add one teaspoon of honey and stir the honey and let the tea cool down. Then you can enjoy your green tea freely.

How to Drink Green Tea?

Green tea is taken when it’s not very hot or very cold. This is why during preparation you must ensure the tea cools a bit before sieving and drinking.

Does Green Tea Burn Fat?

For a while now people have believed green tea can be a source of burning calories. However, there are no vivid evidence or proof of the same. But it has been evident that one cup a day increases life expectancy. Also decreases the total cholesterol concentration in the body.

Does Green Tea Make You Poop?

Green tea cannot be the cause of increasing body weight since green tea has zero fat, 0.2 g of protein and zero carbohydrates. Hence drinking of green tea does not increase your level of calories in the body. It helps manage it.

How to Make Iced Green Tea?

Making iced green tea is a common activity in most parts of Asia. The big question is how does one do it?

Step One: Boil cups of water using a kettle

Step Two: Add 3 to 5 tea bag of green tea

Step Three: Allow the tea to dissolve for a few minutes

Step Four: Remove the tea bag from the cups and add sugar

Step Five: Add ice cubes and stir until they all melt

Step Six: Add a slice of fresh lemon and keep the tea refrigerated the tea should be taken within 24 hours.

Is Green Tea acidic?

Green tea is acidic, the taking of green tea increases stomach acid which eventually results in stomach ache or a nauseous feeling may even lead to constipation. The pH ranges between 7-10; this is why it is advisable to take green tea between meals or after meals.

Is Green Tea alkaline?

Green tea is acidic with a pH ranging from 7-10. However, it also has an alkalizing effect once digested. This lead to individuals craving for more alkaline food staffs.

Is Green Tea a Laxative?

Green tea does not have a laxative effect on the digestive system but can cause constipation, diarrhea and so many more effects. Black tea, on the other hand, has a laxative effect but reduces constipation.

What is Matcha Green Tea?

The matcha is a powdered product of green tea. Made of young tea leaves it is ideal for boosting memory and immune systems among many other health benefits. With matcha, you are taking whole green tea leaves.

Where to buy matcha green tea powder

The modern world is very competitive and finding legit products requires a little homework. But some stores will never let you down when it comes to matcha green tea powder.


From Amazon, one has access to the most excellent matcha, with a wide variety to explore freely. This online store sells a variety of products, from the simple green tea to the matcha products. One also has a wide variety of products to explore freely. This is the source of all kind of green tea.

Is Green Tea Bad for You?

Green tea has overwhelming benefits that come as a relief to any individual with using the product. However, some effects arise from the continuous consumption of green tea. Taking green for a long period can ready for liver failure. Green tea is also associated with dehydrating the body. Should not be taken in place of water.

Is Green Tea safe during pregnancy?

No official proof of taking green tea during pregnancy is harmful to your body. However, green tea should be considered in small amounts since it contains caffeine which can be harmful to the baby. Green tea also contains antioxidants which are responsible for preventing cell damage in our bodies — an advantage to any expectant mother out there.

What Does Green Tea Taste Like?

Brewing green tea in fewer temperatures makes it sweeter. The taste of green tea varies depending on the temperature and the type of water used to make the tea. Using the wrong water makes the tea even bitterer.

When to Drink Green Tea?

There is no specific time to take green tea. But it should be taken between meals or after meals since it’s acidic.

Can you drink too much Green Tea?

Taking too much green tea is harmful to your body. Taking too much green tea affects the liver directly. People should drink moderately.

Does green tea dehydrate you?

Green tea dehydrates the body. This is why one should not take green tea instead of water.

Is green tea good for a sore throat?

Green tea feels amazing in an irritating throat. It can be the best remedy to consider while having a sore throat. It also contains antioxidants which are the best for the throat.

Does Green Tea stain teeth?

Green tea is known to leave a dull gray stain on teeth. This is due to the presence of Tannins contained in both black and green tea. Tannins help you to stain your teeth and gum.

Is Green Tea good for a cold?

Green tea is the best remedy for a cold. It contains antioxidants called Quercetin not forgetting amino acid (L-theanine) which help your body fight flu.

What is Green Tea extract?

This is the product obtained from the leaves of the green tea plant. The extract is contained of all the compound that is important excluding the other parts of the plants.

Does Green Tea give you energy?

It’s not proved yet that, green tea adds energy. However, green tea contains zero carbohydrates. Green tea contains L-theanine and caffeine which in turn actives the body, but provides no energy.

How Many Cups of Green Tea Can I Take in a Day?

Drinking three to five cups a day is ideal in maintaining general health. More than this can damage the liver.

How to Brew Green Tea?

It doesn’t matter which type of green tea you intend to use. The brewing method is the same.


Step One: Add green tea to a ball and ensure you have enough for the number of cups needed.

Step Two: Drop the tea ball into hot boiled water. Ensure the water temperature is about 80degress Celsius.

Step Four: Allow the tea to dissolve into the water for 3 to 5 minutes.

Step Five: Remove the tea ball and serve you tea relatively hot or cold.


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