20 Best Jar Opener Reviews 2022

20 Best Jar Opener Reviews 2022
February 24, 2022 admin
Best Jar Opener Reviews

Jar opening can be a daunting experience if you don’t have the right opener for the task. Usually, jars have very tight seals to prevent the entry of air. Air damages jar contents and can make metals rust of food go bad. These airtight jars can be tougher to open, especially for people with arm issues and arthritis.

There is a solution to this problem. You need to buy the best jar opener to help you gain access to what is in your jar. Jar openers come in various styles and designs. If you are new to using these products, you need to start by window shopping to identify the right pick.

There are a few things that this guide talks about in detail. See below:

  • A few One-handed jar openers
  • Some Arthritis jar openers
  • Several Jar openers for seniors
  • Other varieties of these products
  • Customer Thoughts on the options that consumers use
  • Some commonly asked questions about the best jar openers

1. Prepworks from Progressive

Versatile jar openers come as a bonus to your household, office, or business.  The opener from Prepworks can open six different seals. These are jar lids, bottle tops, bottle caps, pull tabs, safety seals, and bags. We love ho the grip is soft, and the coating ensures that you don’t get blisters. The opener has various sections for various uses. The smaller circle is for opening the soda and beer bottles. Its larger circle works well for jars, and the middle part removes any safety seal tab. With a patented design, you can use it in the dishwasher.

Prepworks by Progressive 6-in-1 Multi-opener

2. EZ Off 

Tight lids can be a problem to open. The EZ Off jar opener is efficient for such cases as it removes any seal. You can do this with a slight twist. It opens lids of all sizes. We find this an excellent attribute that allows you to have multi-purpose equipment to save on storage space and other expenses. You need no prior experience to use it and is perfect for people with arthritis, the elderly, and children.

EZ Off Jar Opener

3. Adoric

Stainless steel is the primary material of this opener hence the sharpness. It punctures metal pretty well and opens your lids easily. There is an ergonomic handle to ensure that it is safe and comfortable for use. The grip is secure and very comfortable. It has a more massive turning knob and a sharp gear to allow for more effortless jar opening. As it cuts the lid, it leaves a very smooth edge.

Adoric 3-in-1 Heavy-duty Can Opener

4. Kichwit

Rust is a common problem that affects jar openers. The Kichwit arthritis jar opener is from heavy-duty rust-proof stainless steel that ensures durability and function. It is perfect for lids of 1 to 3.7” in diameter.

You need a simple twist for the lid to open, which is a good one for children, the elderly, and arthritic people. Most reviewers rate them as jar openers for seniors.

Kichwit Jar Opener

5. OXO

OXO is a renowned brand, and this jar opener has a base pad to keep the jar in place. This ensures that you use little effort to open your jar. Teeth grips are from sharp stainless steel. You need to place the Oxo good grips jar opener below the jar and slightly slide the opener over your lid and twist in an anti-clockwise manner. The easy jar opener has a non-slip grip with perfect contours for comfort and a good grip.

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener

6. The G Grip

For almost half a century, the company remains in the crème de la crème list. The G opener opens any type or size of the lid. It has a V-shape design that allows you to twist slightly and open your jars. We love how versatile the product is.

Its installation is effortless as the jar opener comes with an industrial-grade adhesive. The carbon steel blades are very sharp for easy use. ABS plastic on the other sections is for durability. As a product made in the USA, we can trust its quality.

The G Grip Jar Opener


The ergonomics of an opener will determine if it is safe for use by people with special needs. We love how anti-slip this one is as it allows for simple use. It is a 6-in1 design making it very versatile. There is a satisfaction guarantee on this jar opener. In case you receive it with defects in material or artistry, you will get a replacement or a full refund.

MAEXUS 6-in-1 Jar Opener

8. Hamilton Beach

Hamilton makes it even more comfortable with a jar opener with button controls. This one for the beach is such a deal as you can use it effortlessly by a simple push. Place the opener at the top of the jar and push the engage button. We love the compact design of the jar and bottle opener as it is easier to store. There is no extremely tall jar for it.

Hamilton Beach Open Ease Automatic Jar Opener

9. Prepsolutions

Versatile products are the best to invest in, and this one is multi-functional. You can use it as a microwave mat, a utensil rest, a drying mat, a placement, a trivet, or a hot pad. The measurement is 12” and can fit on a glass turntable. You can clean it in your dishwasher.

Prepsolutions Jar Opener

10. Kuhn Rikon

A strain-free jar opener is what you need to protect your wrists from any risks. We love its leverage effect as you don’t have to lift very high during use. You can use it to open lids of 1 to 3. Inches. It is perfect for grooved and smooth-sided caps. The automatic jar opener comes with instructions on how to use it.

Kuhn Rikon Gripper Jar Opener

11. Maxracy

As a four size jar opener, it works on pickle jars and soda cans. It is a five type opener and uses each function for its purpose. The design of this bottle jar opener is perfect for use by persons with arthritis and the elderly. Its ergonomics prevent it from sliding off during use. You can screw off caps without any problem using this electric jar opener. The package contains one jar opener and one hand lid opener.

Maxracy Premium All-in-one Bottle Can Lid Twist

12. Otstar

Otstar designs this as a multiple-sized grip, and you can adjust it to any size to open circular lids. There are two hooks on the rubber jar opener that you use on cans. It is beneficial with enough leverage thanks to the handle design. The opener has a rubber lining to give a firmer grip on your lids. The surface of the jar opener gripper has indentations that make it firm when you grip. The food-grade PP and rubber allow for easier cleaning and maintenance.

Otstar Jar Opener

13. Swing-A-Way

Indeed, you can swing away the lid effortlessly. The easy twist jar opener allows you to work on cans, caps, and jar lids. You can adjust it to fit most of the sizes. It is very smooth-operating, and the steel material makes it rust-free. We love how comfortable the grip is as you don’t have to strain when using the Swing Away jar opener and is an excellent jar opener for arthritic hands.

Swing-A-Way Comfort Grip Jar


Any person looking to invest wholly in tin opening equipment can get this one. We love how it comes in a package of more than three pieces. There is a six in one can opener for all types of sealed cans. The five in one bottle opener works on any kind of bottle without a problem. It has a four in one jar opener, which is ergonomic and worth the buy for all jars. The rubber material is easy to use and maintain as you can work with the pieces on almost everything you need to open with this one-touch jar opener.

KAGDIDA Bottle Can Opener

15. Doublewhale

Everyone needs help with opening lids, caps, and any seals, and Doublewhale offers it via this 3-in-1 easy-to-use opener. It is perfect for people with arthritis and the elderly too. As it does its job, it leaves the can with very smooth edges to protect your hands. The cutting disc is sharp as it is made from high-quality stainless steel and is excellent under cabinet jar opener. It doesn’t rust and is a product that you can use anywhere and anytime. The blades are sharp and the knob extra-large hence being an easy grip jar opener.

Doublewhale Can Opener

16. Jar Heads

Rubber grips are known for their efficiency in opening lids on jars. Once you get a thick one like the Jar Heads type, you are sure of the durability. The product is made in the USA, and you are sure of sustainability and product quality. Most people use it as a jar opener for the elderly. People with weak hands will find it useful as you don’t need to exert a lot of force when using it. It comes as a five-pack, and you are sure of having another rubber grip if you lose one, and you can use it as an under-counter jar opener.

Jar Heads Rubber Jar Opener

17. Keeptop

Keeptop makes this jar opener from professional-grade Silicone Rubber. The PP material is high-grade and doesn’t break easily. You can wash the silicone jar opener in the top rack of your dishwasher in case it gets dirty. The ergonomics of the rubber gripper jar opener are in the right shape to ensure that you don’t have problems with lifting your gadgets. You can buy it if you live with elderly people because it is the best jar opener for seniors. It is a 4-in-1 jar opener and has four grips for various sizes of jar lids. You can use it on both dry and wet cans and is the best jar opener for arthritis. The five in one bottle opener has a screw opener to ensure the action is straightforward.

Keeptop Jar Opener

18. Brix

Vacuum seal jars can be very stubborn to open. The Brix is the perfect solution as gently lift the handle without a problem like any other one-handed jar opener. The JarKey jar opener comes as a set of six with the same height of 5.62 inches. Anyone, including children and people with arthritis, can use it without a problem as it is an arthritis jar opener. The size is compact for easier storage and use.

Brix 70712 JarKey Jar Opener

19. Farm to Table

The bottle and jar opener measure 3.25 by 9 inches. It has a simple design, and the manufacturer makes it from high-grade chromed steel. The handle is plastic to offer comfort during use. Can you open a honey jar spell? You can use it to open jars and bottles by putting it on top of the lid. Turn it slightly to open. To clean it, place it in the dishwasher, making it the best jar opener.

Farm to Table 5648 Jar and Bottle Opener

20. Robo Twist

Robo Twist is a flexible tool for opening a tight jar. The lids around it have a firmer grip and are very easy to use. You need to place the robotwist electric jar opener on your lid and press the button. The opener will rotate to uncap the lid from your jar. The design is very compact than an old jar opener to allow for easier storage and portability.

Robo Twist Robo2PK 1014 Automatic Jar Opener

FAQs about the Best Jar Openers

Tips before You Purchase


These jar openers come in various designs. There are some that only open jars while others are multi-purpose, and you can use them on any lid or cap. Find one whose construction matches functionality.

Content of the Package

Some come as two, three, four, five, or six items in one package. Each opener has its purpose. If you work with various containers and seals, choosing one with many sets will be ideal. But, if you need one for jars only, go for a single piece.

Rust-free Material

Most of these openers are from stainless steel material. However, you need to ensure that the grade is superb. If you do this, you will save yourself the hassle of dealing with rust. Rust damages most metals, and when using on food cans, it is poisonous.

How do you open a Jar?

To open a Jar, place the opener over the lid of your jar. Twist it slightly in a counter-clockwise direction. This will release the lid. If you are using one with buttons, press the engage button, and release it.

Can you open a Honey Jar Seal?

Yes. There are versatile lid openers that remove any type of seal from any container. We recommend that you get a multi-purpose opener to help with this.

How to Open a Canned Jar

Place your can opener on the lid of your jar and rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction. It works instantly if the opener fits on the lid well.


A simple task like opening jars can make your wrists painful or aggravate arthritis of the hands. You need the best jar opener to make it easier and safe for everyone around. You can browse our choices above and see what interests you.


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